Streamlining the solutions for parcel delivery business

Parcel delivery business is one of the most used on-demand app businesses that have become popular among the people all over the world. This is due to the convenience and hassle free service that these on demand parcel delivery apps offer to its customers. A successful parcel delivery business has a number of ingredients, that helps in streamlining the business and achieve customer satisfaction. Here are some of the must have features that ensures streamlining the solutions for parcel delivery business.

1. Dispatch management
This is one of the core feature in the parcel delivery business. This feature offers the operational team with the interface in which the pickup and deliveries can be scheduled. This interface helps the operational team to connect with each other and ensure delivery of the parcel to its customers.  The efficiency of the dispatch management system often determines the success of the courier delivery business.
2. Real time GPS tracking
One of the most important features for a courier delivery app is the live tracking of its customers and delivery agents. The real time GPS tracking, helps the drivers to track down the location of the customers, along with helping the customers to track the parcel from pickup to delivery. This feature helps in maintaining a constant connection between the courier delivery and the customers, making the operations transparent and seamless.
3. Payment gateway integration
Integration of payment gateway needs to be done, to ensure that the customers are able to complete their online payment transactions successfully. The payment gateways need to be secure, to ensure a safe online transaction done by the customers.
4. Driver interface
The driver interface offers a fingertip access of the customer’s pickup or delivery information, along with the location and contact details. The interface also offers a route optimisation that helps the drivers complete more delivery or pickup at the most optimised and effective manner. The driver interface is also used to collect the delivery proof from the customers, in form of signature or photo. The driver interface acts as a lifeline for the drivers in ensuring success of online on-demand courier delivery business.
5. Push messages and notifications
This feature is an important one to ensure promotion and branding. Push messages and notifications help in keeping the customers informed about the latest offers and discounts that are offered by the parcel delivery company. This helps in ensuring customer engagement and customer retention.
Incorporation of these essential features in the mobile apps help in streamlining the operations of a parcel delivery. It is important to ensure that the pickup or delivery timings are adhered to, along with taking care of the parcels, helping it to be delivered intact, without any damage.
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